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About TimberwolvesPress.com
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TimberwolvesPress.com was founded in October, 2007 for the sole purpose of providing Timberwolves fans with a site that they can go to for breaking news on the Timberwolves and for in-depth game/player analysis. We started out small but have now grown into one of the most popular Timberwolves sites on the Internet.

TimberwolvesPress.com started out as FullCourtPressNews.com but then was switched to TimberwolvesPress.com in 2008 to help make the site more recognizable to Timberwolves fans. We try to different things here at TimberwolvesPress such as producing podcasts, creating comics, writing former player features and providing contests to give Timberwolves fans something different to view on the Internet.

On draft night in 2008, TimberwolvesPress took a big step forward when we were the first site on the Internet to report the OJ Mayo and Kevin Love Draft Day Trade. We are continuing to make improvements to the site and are open to any suggestions that you may have to make us more serviceable to you the fans. Thanks to all of your support in our first year, without you the fans none of this would have happened!

A lot of people question our credibility when we announce rumors and breaking news because we are just a blog. We only provide T’Wolves fans with information that comes from the top sources at Target Center. We stand behind all of rumors, and breaking news announcements.

We would not put our reputation on the line for bogus information. During the 2008 NBA Draft, we only announced the Mayo/Love trade because had very reliable sources. During that time we had the Star Tribune and Assistant GM Fred Hoiberg denying any such deal would go down, however we did not let that affect our site’s content. We would have never posted such information if we knew it was false. During that trade, we put our reputation on the line, but we knew it was well worth it because we had sufficient information. This is what separates TimberwolvesPress from other Wolves blogs and blogs in general, if there is breaking news, you can count on TimberwolvesPress.com to break it!

TimberwolvesPress.com Staff

TimberwolvesPress Has Appeared In…
-Star Tribune
-KFAN Radio
-Yahoo! Ball Don’t Lie
-Sports Business Daily
-Canis Hoopus
-Dozens of NBA message boards across the net
-Several of our rumors have appeared on RealGM, Hoopshype, and HoopsWorld.
Major News Reported First…
-OJ Mayo/Kevin Love draft day trade (2 Hours before ESPN even announced it)
-Randy Wittman firing/McHale taking over
-Al Jefferson’s season over