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An amazing place you can visit is dhow cruise dubai

What Can Be More Exciting Than Dhow Cruise In Dubai

Thinking for the ideas on how you can spend the evening in Dubai? Are you looking for a memorable cruise ride in the evening? Then you should check out this article about the wonderful cruise experience in the Marin Dhow cruise. But, before going to experience this cruise journey, it is very important that you have a look on the dhow and the other activities that you can do in Dubai. It is one of the most exciting places to be visited by the tourists in these days. If you are looking for something unique and different, then Dubai can be bet option for you.

What is the dhow?

Before planning everything, you should know what is the dhow is about. The word “dhow” is commonly used for the Middle East countries for describing the traditionally wooden vessel that are generally used for the trading purposes in the earlier days. These vessels are used to trade to Iran for the pearl diving. They were considered as the icon or the symbol for transportation in the gulf countries. Dhows are available in various sizes depending on the purpose they serve. Nowadays, most of the dhows are used for the cruising purpose and the Dhow cruising is quite popular in these days in Dubai. Get the best experience during the evening on the Dhow with your close ones. These days, the dhows are replaced by the modernized vessels that are used for the voyage and for other activities. To keep in touch with the essence of tradition, these dhows are used for the tourism purpose and for the cruise dinners. One of the most exciting things that you can do when you are visiting to Dubai is to ride the dhows cruises. Also check: Burj khalifa ticket deals – Max Discount today

The evolution of the dhow cruise dinners

For the past years, the dhow river cruises have changed a lot. You may think that how the dhow cruise dinner has evolved. It has started from the few entrepreneurs who have started to convert the dhows to the floating restaurants. It is offering the dhow dinner cruises at the Dubai creek. With the increasing tourism factor in Dubai, the idea on the Dubai floating restaurant has increased. Now, there are more than 30 Dhows seen the Dubai creek that are famous of the river cruises and the dinners. You can also see more than 8 dhows in the Dubai Marina as well. Along with the dinner facilities, these floating restaurants also offer a wide range of entertainment facilities to the tourists.

What is the special about the Tanura dance?

The Tanura dance is really the Turkish dance that is mainly performed by the male dancers who spin on the dance floors wearing the decorated and the lighted dress or the skirts. They spin at the faster rate and the sequence of the dance is quite exciting and thrilling for the viewers. One of the first dhows is the Alexandra that begins its journey at the Dubai Marina in the year 2009. These dhow cruises operate in both the Dubai creek and the Dubai Marina.

Know about the dhow cruise in Dubai Marina

The Dubai Marina is the artificial canal city that is located in the Persian Gulf that totally reflects the scenery of the Venice. Do you know that the Dubai Marina is the largest manmade island in the world? If you visit Dubai and not visited this island, then it will be a great loss. This manmade Marina has the wonderful skyscrapers that include the Yacht club and the Marina Mall. There are various five star hotels in this area as well. Each of the skyscrapers located in this area is unique in design and looks.

There are various dhow operators in this area. You can book the dhow online or from the hotel where you are staying in Dubai. The prices are reasonable and the last cruise diner is the buffet dinner.

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