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Chili Colorado Is the Greatest Recipe of All Time

There are a few reasons for their popularity. Hubs, who I used to think was addicted to Mexican food because he had withdrawals if we went more than a week without hitting one of these restaurants, has a theory about why they’re always packed. First, according to Hubs is the free salsa and chips. Second, the price point is affordable for families. Third, margarita specials and inexpensive draft beer.

Most of the Mexican restaurants in Augusta are owned by the same people and have pretty much the same menu. Number 1 is a combination that includes a taco, two enchiladas and rice or beans, etc. Macdonald introducing Chilli Paneer Pockets, Crispy, perfectly fried golden squares. Filled with chunks of paneer in a gravy of oriental sauce and fresh green chillies.

Although we have often enjoyed the typical tacos, enchiladas and burritos, we discovered some really good dishes that aren’t on the combination menu. In the pork section of the menu there’s a dish called Chile Colorado that is really good. (There’s also a dish called Chile Puerco, pork cooked in tomatillo sauce, that is also delicious. I’ll share my super easy slow-cooker version soon!)

Now that I can get dried chiles and other Hispanic ingredients in almost any supermarket, I decided to try to make Chile Colorado at home and it turned out great.

I used just dried ancho chiles in the recipe, so it came out very dark (but not as dark as it looks in the photo!). Next time I make the dish, I think I’ll use a combination of dried chiles for more variety in flavor and color.

Serve the Chile Colorado with flour tortillas and a side of Mexican rice. If you want to use a packaged mix, I’ve been using the Goya brand Mexican rice mix lately. My kids used to love the Uncle Ben’s Mexican rice mix, which is no longer available in our area.

This dish could probably be cooked in the slow cooker, skipping the browning of the meat and omitting the flour. If you don’t mind extra steps when using the slow cooker, you could follow the recipe as is and just transfer the meat to the slow cooker before adding the chile puree and remaining ingredients. However, I don’t like to use slow cooker recipes that require me to brown meat in another pan. I think slow cooker recipes should be as simple as dumping a bunch of ingredients in the cooking vessel, turning it on and hitting the road!

Chile Colorado

12 dried ancho (or other mild red) chiles
3 cups boiling water
2 tablespoons canola or other vegetable oil
2 1/2-3 pounds pork loin or shoulder, cut into chunks (about 1-inch)
1 tablespoon all-purpose flour
3 teaspoons minced garlic, about 4 large cloves
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
1 tablespoon dried oregano
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1/2 teaspoon crushed red pepper
1 pod Knorr home-style beef or chicken stock concentrate

Cut chiles in half and remove stems and seeds. Place the chiles in a bowl and cover with the boiling water. Set aside while you brown the pork to allow the chiles to get very soft.

Heat the oil in a large skillet or Dutch oven. Add the oil and brown the pork in batches, browning on each side. Place all of the browned pork in the pot and stir in the garlic, salt and pepper and flour.

Place the chiles and a little of the soaking liquid in a blender and blend until smooth, adding more liquid if needed. Reserve the leftover liquid. Pour the puree and remaining liquid over the pork. Stir in the oregano, cumin, red pepper and stock concentrate. Bring to a boil and then reduce heat and simmer, covered, for 2 hours, until pork is very tender.

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Timberwolves Clear The Air

The Minnesota Timberwolves are a young team that hasn’t been doing much winning this season. Without a doubt, those following the NBA odds are wondering whether or not this might affect the psyche of a team that is still trying to piece together the foundation of the future.



Prior to Sunday, the Timberwolves had lost seven straight and only had 14 wins in their first 60 games this season. So the team decided to have a team meeting to clear the air, figure things out and get back on track.

The meeting seemed to help as the team as they were clearly distraught after a 95-81 home loss to New Orleans on Friday night but were in much better spirits on Sunday.

The Timberwolves had every reason to quit as they found themselves down 13 points in the first half and while they battled back and took a 17-point lead in the second half, they actually nearly blew it and needed a couple of late defensive stops to earn the win.

Forward Michael Beasley said after the win that he was surprised at how good the team chemistry was through the seven-game losing streak as the Timberwolves were not pointing any fingers and they were not using scapegoats. They still hung together, which is why they managed to end the streak on Sunday.

Maybe this will just be a blip on the radar months from now but maybe it is in fact a turning point for a young team. The Timberwolves appear to have bonded over the adversity and maybe that’s just what they need for a strong finish to the 2010-11 campaign.

This Timberwolves team isn’t going to the playoffs; that much is clear. But if they can finish strong, they might be able to springboard themselves to a good start for next year.

Timberwolves Have To Show Love Some Love

While Minnesota hasn’t been a bad team to bet on when it comes to the point spread, they’ve been absolutely atrocious in the standings. For some reason, All-Star forward Kevin Love has said that he wants to sign a long-term deal to stay with the Timberwolves, but they need to improve the team to keep him in that frame of mind. Here is how they can do that.

TimberWolves team


The Timberwolves are dreadful defensive, and that may be giving them too much credit. Minnesota is last in the league in points allowed (106.9), opponents are shooting 46.5% against them, and 36.9% from three-point land. They traded away their best perimeter defender in Corey Brewer, who bounced from New York to Dallas. Darko Milicic has proven to be a serviceable big man, but he’s not a starter, and even Love himself isn’t a great on-the-ball defender.

The Point-Guard Situation

We have no clue if or when Ricky Rubio is coming, if ever. Jonny Flynn isn’t working out. That leaves the Timberwolves with Luke Ridnour, who is a great backup, but not a player who should be playing 30 minutes a game. The Timberwolves may be looking at Duke’s Kyrie Irving if he decides to come out, and that would be a good idea, because Love needs someone who can penetrate and dish.

Anyone Who Can Shoot

Minnesota is 27th in the league in shooting percentage (43.9%), although strangely, they’re sixth in three-point shooting (37.6%). Young players Flynn, Wayne Ellington and Wes Johnson all shoot below 41%, and Michael Beasley still takes some ill-advised shots.

These are just three of the things that the Timberwolves need to do, but this could be a 10-page dissertation. If they want to keep Love in town, Minnesota has to make a lot of progress to get out of the NBA doldrums.

Wolves vs. Heat Game Recap

Usually this season after a 4th quarter collapse, I end up cursing at my TV. Tonight however, I reacted differently. I have really tuned down my frustration with this team as of late, I guess thats what winning can do to a fan. All of a sudden a loss like tonight’s does not seem so bad. That was until I checked our record and saw that we now are 11-26. Our little fantasy world of  being undefeated in 2009 is now over and is time to move back into reality where yes, the Timberwolves do lose games.

timberwolves vs heat


I can accept the disappointing outcome in tonight Heat vs Wolves game because there was too many positives to take away. If it weren’t for a few silly turnovers at the end, this team is coasting on a 6 game winning streak into Phoenix. The tempo on offense that was established tonight was very fun to watch. The Wolves displayed excellent ball movement and there was one play in particular where the ball had to have been passed at least 10 times with everyone touching it until Randy Foye hit a 3 pointer. On the Miami side, the Heat were just as entertaining to watch. We got to watch one of the league’s best scorers, Dwayne Wade, work his magic to score a game high 31 points. Tonight in general was an excellent night to watch basketball for the NBA fan. In the end, we even got a close game, unfortunately the ball did not bounce our way.

Remember how Foye was compared to Wade when he was drafted? Well Foye finally lived up to those expectations tonight, truly bring back his nickname ,”4th Quarter Foye” as he scored 14 of his 29 points in the 4th quarter. In the end, the dominant Dwayne Wade and his Heat pulled away, but the continued strong play by the Wolves has to give fans every reason to be happy. We cannot expect this young team to win every game. This streak had to come to and end sooner or later and what better time than right before Phoenix. Why Phoenix, you may ask? Well the only chance I see this Wolves team winning that game is if they come out there pissed and play with emotion. The Wolves have had recent success against the Suns but that was at home. I think this loss can benefit the Wolves in their upcoming game against the Suns and can be used as a motivational factor to hopefully pull out a victory.

Randy Foye looks like DWade…At least just for the night

I can’t be anymore proud for my boy Randy Foye after tonight’s performance. Wait a second, is this the Randy Foye that was averaging like 9 points a game in the first half-a-dozen games this season? Indeed it is folks, same guy, different game. It’s all about confidence and being in the right system for this guy. To use a lame comparison, it was almost like Foye was nagging injury while playing under Randy Wittman, a nagging injury that just could not get any better. Now under McHale, that injury is healed and Foye is putting up star type numbers. In tonight’s game, Foye was brilliant. I know I have said this before in a game but Foye did everything. He hit 3-pointers, mid range shots, and lay-ups. Foye once again showed a very well balanced game that has to have Wolves fans wondering, where has this been the last 2 years?

The Real DWade

WadeI’m watching this game and all I can think to myself is man this guy is good. The way this guy positions his body to draw fouls, the way he takes his first dribble, the way he flies for a dunk, the way he shoots the ball. It’s all simply outstanding. Wade made one play where he stole the ball and then passed the ball up court. Wade vanished for a second from the screen and then all of sudden re-appeared when the player through up a ridiculous alley-opp that looked un-catchable. This one was no problem for D-Wade as he threw it down for an easy Sportscenter Top 10 play. (Pictured to the right)

I think Wade deserves more credit than people are giving him for MVP. He has turned around one of the league’s worst records from last season into a playoff team. Surely his injury and him sitting out had to do with the poor record but still, in the NBA, that big off a swing is hard to do. And who does this guy really have around him? Marion? No, he looks incredibly uncomfortable in that offense. Beasley? Maybe in a few years. D-Wade is doing this all by himself folks and the Miami Heat team are 3 games above .500 in a conference that features the Celtics, Cavs and Magic.

Will the real Mike Miller please stand up?

Where are you Mike? You were brought to this team to do one thing, hit open shots. Maybe there was some confusion, we don’t just want you to take shots, we want you to actually make them! Good lord, was this guy hard to watch tonight. Clank, Clank, Clank and more Clanks. Miller was 1-7 from the field tonight which continued his shooting slump. It’s not like he was missing tough shots either. These are shots he has been hitting his entire career at very high percentages. In the last 6 games, Miller is averaging 5 points and shooting 30% from the field. I cannot believe we are paying him 9 million dollars or whatever to put up those kind of numbers. I dont know what this guys deal is right now. Maybe he is taking a back-seat for the younger guys but I know this is not the real Mike Miller. I’ll say it right now, getting Kevin Love was a great pick up but the addition of Mike Miller as of right now has been a bust. Love has done his part in the deal, Miller has vastly underachieved here in Minnesota. I honestly thought he had the potential to maybe be a 20 point scorer this season but at least around 15 a game. 9 a game Mike? Come on….

Beasley shoots jump shots?

What happened to dominant low post scorer I always saw watching college hoops last season? Tonight Beasley looked more like a shooting guard launching 18 foot jump shots whenever he could. I dont think Beasley is going to be as good as people expected. In fact, I think the top big man in next years draft, Blake Griffin, will be a much better pro than Beasley. Everyone had this guy as a sure 20-10 guy before the draft. Now he looks more like a 20-6 guy in a few years. He cannot rebound and that was evident tonight when Love beat him several times for loose balls. He cannot dominate anymore in the post as he did in college. In fact I think he actually may end up being another Udonis Haslem in terms of his offensive game, a jump shooting big man. A lot more athletic than Haslem, but I don’t ever see Beasley being a low post threat like Al Jefferson.

Rodney Carney=A speeding ticket waiting to happen
If Rodney Carney was driving down the freeway I’m sure he would be going at least east 15 mph over the speed limit. This guy is constantly going at full speed unless he is at the 3-point line. I love what this guy is bringing to us right now in terms of production off the bench, but he needs to slow down a bit. After D-Wade had his Sportscenter play, Carney instantly tried to replicate it over a Heat defender. The outcome? Offensive foul. I can’t really knock the guy for wanting to be a playmaker because other than Randy Foye, Rodney Carney is the reason we have been winning ball games as of late. He is hitting clutch 3-pointers and creating turnovers that usually result in electrifying dunks. I just hope Rodney does not turn into a guy like Rashad McCants on the court and all of sudden thinks he is Lebron James. (Check out the Timberwolves Press Blog for more on that)

The Other Point Guard

Whilst the Timberwolves continue to persevere with the growing pains exhibited by Johnny Flynn, fans can only wonder how the season might have progressed if one Ricardo Rubio had come to the Twin Cities rather the signing a deal with Regal Barcelona.

My view to date is that I would love to see him in a Wolves uniform and playing in a backcourt with Flynn, pushing Brewer out to the 3 and Love and Big Al in the front court (assuming Al is our best option at the 5…but more of that another time).

If you look at his Euro stats alone, you might not consider Rubio a great option. In 10 games he is averaging only 6.4 points, 5.6 assists, 3.2 boards, 1.5 steals and 1.9 turnovers in about 20 minutes a game.  But you need to remember they play 40 minute games in Europe, not 48, and that it is more common to spread the minutes around, so the stats will be down a little because of that. However, when you move away from the stats, you can see the quality of the guy, and he’s only 19!  Watching footage of his play, the thing that strikes most is his court vision and handle.  Whilst he rarely scores, he is great at driving into the paint and dishing to a team mate to score or pick up a foul.  His no-look passes are truly awesome, and a recent dribble between an opponent’s leg before recovering the ball and passing was fantastic.



He is made in the mould of a traditional pass first point guard. In UEFA Europa league he has not made more than one two point shot in any of his 10 games, shooting a poor 38%, although he did shoot three of four three pointers in one game, and averaging 40% overall for the season.  However he is shooting greater than 90% from the stripe and in 10 games and amazingly has made more free throws than he has field goals.  His assists are not huge, but when you increase his minutes to better match what he would play in the NBA, then he could be expected to average closer to 8 to 9 dimes a game.

The challenge would be to fit Rubio into the Triangle offence used in basketball.  Current evidence does not show Ricky to be a strong shooter, so pairing with Flynn in a backcourt would place a greater emphasis on Flynn’s shooting.  Flynn is currently shooting around 43% at the moment and averaging 14.5 points per game.  He would need to improve his accuracy and his average should he be pushed into the off guard role.


The advantage though is that Rubio has the skills to move the ball efficiently around the team, identifying those with an opportunity to score or better promote the ball.  Plus, given Flynn’s credentials as a point guard, he would further support the rapid ball movement required under the triangle scheme, Indeed it would take the pressure off Flynn to run the point and allow him to focus on scoring the ball.  The unknown then would be the ability of Brewer to switch to the small forward position. He clearly has the skill to be the lock down defender of the team, but that won’t be enough if his development as a shooter plateaus. If Brewer can continue to grow as a shooter, then the wolves have some potential in their new back court.

The million dollar question for the Wolves then is, to trade or not to trade…do the wolves wait the two years and then try to bring him to the NBA, or do they look to trade his reputation to pick up another key piece (this is further complicated by the fact that the Wolves could win the lottery and have a shot at John Wall).  Rumors abound for potential Wolves trades, with ESPN again raising the spectre of a potential trade for Amare, but this time with the twist of Rubio to be included as the perfect replacement for Nash.  The Knicks would kill for Rubio, to replace the below average Duhon, and any number of other teams could surely fit Rubio into their lineup.

The Wolves are rebuilding.  A new coach, a new playing scheme, a new point guard, another overseas, and more draft picks in the wings (and the potential for a very high pick).  Rubio offers a different option, but requires some patience (and I understand that patience sucks).  He is a valuable piece that I believe would offer an upgrade at the point position, but time changes so many things.  How will Flynn be playing by then? Who will the Wolves have picked up in the draft? Will big Al still be in a Wolves uniform?  Will we have Amare, or another star free agent?  These things will influence what the Wolves will do with Rubio.  But one thing is for certain.  Rubio has the ability to make it in the NBA…can the Wolves make him work for them!


Stephon Marbury Has Completely Lost It

We all knew the former Timberwolf’s career had taken a turn for the worse over the years, but when you see his Justin.tv channel you’ll be amazed.  Stephon Marbury recently turned down an offer to play with the championship contending Boston Celtics team for what most people believe to be “his best offer.” Marbury was nothing but a one game wonder in his debut with the C’s.

Stephon Marbury


He was virtually horrendous every game after that, and provided no spark what-so-ever to a team in need of some help after going through devastating injuries. The Celtics gave this man the opportunity of a lifetime, to play for a great franchise even after he was deservedly dumped by an overhauling Knicks team that had lost enough 10’s of millions on this nit wit. Steph, of course did something very similar to our local club, the Minnesota Timberwolves when he turned down the chance to win, for his own prerogative in the NY/NJ area.

Marbury now a “FREE AGENT!” as he loudly proclaimed on his new Justin.tv channel found here:  http://www.justin.tv/starburytv while dancing to rap music with only his underwear on. As I’m watching in horror as I write this, Marbury would flip off the camera in slurred speech saying he knows us haters are out there,  while clearly intoxicated on who knows what. As Marbury continued to talk nonsense, the big picture becomes more and more clear to me and to the masses, this man knows he’s done. “Its all entertainment man, its all entertainment,” Marbury would add. He sounded like he was about to cry, yet with an antagonizing smile, and naming off people’s screen names that were typing in the chat box.

The endgame for Marbury is as plain as day, this man has become a Mike Tyson clone, tattooed on his head as well as the rest of his body. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not judging anyone who has tattoos, (though they are not my thing) but right now I can only think of two high profile athletes with tattoos on their head: Mike Tyson and Stephon Marbury. Tyson and Marbury were two incredibly talented people at their sport, but bad decisions plagued their career, and their inner insanity took over them later on. Stephon Marbury has gone from co-future of the Timberwolves with Kevin Garnett, to begging for attention on Justin.tv. How the mighty have fallen. Its easy to feel bad for “Starbury” clearly the man is hurting inside, but at the same time, so much has been SELF inflicted for so many years. Ah, the word “Self” rings well with this clearly tormented individual, which draws another nickname from Paladino: “Selfbury” why not?


Timberwolves Official Press Release Regarding New Uniforms

In anticipation of the 20th season of Minnesota Timberwolves basketball, the Timberwolves today unveiled new home and road uniforms for the upcoming 2008-09 NBA season. The new-look uniforms, designed in partnership by the team, adidas and the NBA, were displayed publicly for the first time today at the IDS Center’s Crystal Court at noon.


NBA Minnesota Timberwolves

“As with our recent re-designed logo, our new uniforms usher in a new era of Minnesota Timberwolves basketball,” said Timberwolves President Chris Wright. “Working with adidas and the NBA, we were able to design uniforms that display the energy, excitement and passion of Timberwolves basketball. These qualities complement our developing group of exciting players as well as embody the characteristics of our entire franchise.”

The Timberwolves home uniform’s primary color will remain white. The wordmark, which has been modified slightly to provide more clarity, returns to the abbreviated “Wolves” across the chest rather than the previously depicted “Timberwolves.” The abbreviated wordmark “Wolves” is a return to the team’s original uniform design introduced during the franchise’s first season in 1989-90.

Also new to the design is an identity appearing on each side of the uniform under the arms and on the side of the shorts in which the primary focus is the traditional Timberwolves trees. Beyond the trees is the night sky that through an element of discovery forms a W on the side of the jersey and an M on the side of the shorts. The tree line remains a core element in the neck trim, but has been removed from shoulders, short waist and short hem. The back neck features the team’s Wolf head logo, while the home shorts have the wordmark “Minnesota” on the back.

The Timberwolves road uniforms remain slate blue. The “Timberwolves” wordmark on the front has been replaced with “Minnesota” as the Wolves become the 14th NBA team to have its road uniforms display its city or state of origin. The change to the “Minnesota” wordmark embodies the franchise’s pride in its home state. The identity pattern remains the same as the home uniform as does the Wolf head logo on the back of the neck. The back of the road shorts contain the wordmark “Wolves.” The team’s previous black alternate road uniforms have been retired.

“The Timberwolves new identity marries classic basketball style with innovative updates to their core brand,” said Christopher Arena, NBA Vice President – Apparel, Sporting Goods & Basketball Partnerships. “The unique side and neck inserts, tree-lined night sky revealing the M and W letters and defined shapes express their new found ferocity, while maintaining a traditional basketball look.”

This is the third different uniform design in Timberwolves history. The previous uniform change occurred prior to the start of the 1996-97 season. The Wolves’ uniform design had remained unchanged for 12 seasons. The new jerseys are now available for fans to pre-order online at www.ShopWolves.com.

At today’s program, the Timberwolves also unveiled a 15-foot high replica jersey that will travel throughout the state at team events and will be signed by Wolves fans. The jersey will be hung from the rafters of Target Center on Opening Night in celebration of the start of the team’s 20th season. Fans will have their next opportunity to sign the jersey beginning Thursday, Aug. 21 at the Timberwolves booth at the Minnesota State Fair.

Today’s introduction of the new uniforms is the latest step in the re-branding campaign of the Timberwolves as the team approaches its 20th season. The Wolves introduced a re-designed primary and new secondary logo earlier this summer. Attached are photos of Wolves players Al Jefferson and Mike Miller wearing the new home and road uniforms. For more photos, please contact the Timberwolves public relations department.

Home uniforms
·    Primary color remains white
·    Wordmark on front changes from “Timberwolves” to “Wolves”
·    The Timberwolves trees appear on the side of the uniform under the arms and on the side of the shorts
·    Wolf head logo on back of neck
·    Wordmark “Minnesota” now appears on the back of the shorts

Road Uniforms
·    Primary color remains slate blue
·    Wordmark on front changes from “Timberwolves” to “Minnesota”
·    The Timberwolves trees appear on the side of the uniform under the arms and on the side of the shorts
·    Wolf head logo on back of neck
·    Wordmark “Wolves” now appears on the back of the shorts

Outsized, Outmatched……Does Not Matter To The 2009 Wolves

In case you missed this one, this team continued to play anti-Randy Wittman style of ball and in return, they continued their winning ways.

It still is mind boggling to me that a team of Steve Nash, Jason Richardson, Amare Stoudemire, Shaquille O’Neal, Grant Hill and Leandro Barbosa is not winning more games. How much more talent do you need? In tonight’s game, the Suns had the Wolves outmatched in practically every position. But this is the beauty of basketball, the most talented team does not necessarily win. In the end, the team that plays with the most confidence, chemistry and makes the little plays will get the win.


timberwolves logo

The Wolves looked like a long shot on the road versus the Suns but something is different about the 2009 Wolves. They are playing with passion and most importantly they are having fun out there on the court. Teams can easily overlook the Wolves like Suns did tonight. We have no size and no big names. But we have one thing the Suns don’t have right now and that’s chemistry. This team is clicking on all cylinders right now from the starters to the bench.

Another big thing for the Wolves lately has been consistency. That word has haunted this team the last two seasons. Guys like Foye, Telfair, Carney, Love, Cardinal have given the Wolves reliable play as of late which has taken a lot of pressure off of Big Al. These guys are coming in game after game and doing their thing whether it’s shooting, rebounding or bringing toughness. Foye has established himself as the #2 guy on this team and he put on another “4th quarter Foye” performance tonight. Foye hit a ridiculous 21-foot fadaway jump-shot as the shot clock expired with 1:58 to give the Wolves 102-101 lead.

Love and Carney have officially become a duo off the bench combining for 30 points tonight and electrifying the team through offensive rebounds(Love) and dunks(Carney). It’s too bad that Carney didn’t get things going sooner because he would have been a shoe in for the dunk contest. Carney once again had a few dunks tonight that simply had me in awe. The way this guy flies to the rim reminds me a lot of young Dominique Williams. He just throws it down with absolute power. How jealous do you think McCants is right now that a guy that was sitting behind him at the start of the season is now getting all the attention at the guard position? Something tells me he may be the jealous type, just a guess based on his attitude. Don’t forget about Brian Cardinal too. Cardinal may not put up a lot of numbers but his impact has been just as big. He has turned into a reliable player off the bench that simply just gives the Wolves good play.

Kevin Love
13 points
14 rebounds
2 steals

Nash limited to 6 points and 6 assists

Telfair outplayed Steve Nash tonight in almost every aspect of the game. That was a complete shocker to me. Something tells me that Nash is maybe getting worn out of being a Sun. Frankly I think he is sick and tired of the inconsistency this team has faced while he has been in a Suns uniform. With all the trade rumors surrounding him as of late, I think it’s starting to affect his play as he is maybe thinking of playing for another team, especially the Raptors. Back to Telfair, this guy once again put up productive numbers as the starting points guard. The turnovers are still an issue but they are standing out less because Bassy is finally hitting his open shots. Bassy scored 6 points in a row for the Wolves in the 4th quarter to help them go from 81-83 to 87-84.

Al Jefferson, Craig Smith and Kevin Love…Outsized Down Low
These three guys proved a lot to me tonight by playing against a bigger and more experienced player in Shaquille O’Neal. All three of these guys were outsized against the Diesel but that did not slow them down from putting up huge numbers. Offensively, Big Al did work on Shaq in the block, Smith was everywhere and Love grabbed a few offensive boards over Shaq. Defensively, both Al and Love held their ground limiting Shaq to 22 points and Smith did a good job on Amare using his strength to cause problems. So if there was ever a question if these guys can play against bigger opponents…the answer is yes. For these three guys to play as well as they did tonight, it says a lot about their determination and confidence in their abilities.

I can’t imagine what a shock it must be for Kevin Love to play against Shaq as I’m sure he has never had to guard someone so big in his life other than the other time he faced him this season. 6’8 260 versus 7’1 325 is quite a difference. 20 year old versus 36 year old is also quite a difference. Often times you forget about the age differences in the NBA. Here is a guy a year out of his teens guarding a grown man in one of the most difficult tasks that you could ask from an athlete. All I can say is what an incredible display of effort by the young rookie.

Craig Smith Quietly Good
Know who had the second most points tonight? Craig Smith. Smith put up a very encouraging performance with 18 points and 7 rebounds and was just impressive as Big Al and Love. I noted before the game that Smith would need to have a big game if the Wolves were to win because they need more scoring other than from Al and Foye. Smith answered the call tonight shooting 7-10 from the field and 4-4 from the free throw line.

Kevin Love…New Nickname….”Glass”
I’m calling him “Glass” for now on because this guy is simply everywhere on the glass. I’ve never seen such an active rebounder on both sides of the ball from a rookie.

Things are finally going our way…..
I don’t know about you but when J-Rich’s 3-point shot went up with 1.6 seconds left I thought to myself, oh man here goes another crushing defeat. But when it clanked off the rim, I almost didn’t believe it. Did the Timberwolves finally win a game when the other team had the last shot? Yes! It took me about a minute to settle in because I am so used to being crushed in the final minutes. Another sign things are turning around, we played the role of 4th quarter spoilers. We outscored the Suns 32-24 in the 4th quarter instead of being the ones getting outscored. We did not let a 11 points Suns lead get in our heads but instead we stayed focused and kept plugging on. Finally, you can’t talk about things finally turning our way without mentioning Randy Foye’s miracle shot as the shot clock ran out with 1:58 left. Last time I checked, other teams are supposed to be making shots like that against us. Way to go Randy, I’m sure you had every Suns fan with their hands in the air after that one.