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Stephon Marbury Has Completely Lost It

We all knew the former Timberwolf’s career had taken a turn for the worse over the years, but when you see his channel you’ll be amazed.  Stephon Marbury recently turned down an offer to play with the championship contending Boston Celtics team for what most people believe to be “his best offer.” Marbury was nothing but a one game wonder in his debut with the C’s.

Stephon Marbury


He was virtually horrendous every game after that, and provided no spark what-so-ever to a team in need of some help after going through devastating injuries. The Celtics gave this man the opportunity of a lifetime, to play for a great franchise even after he was deservedly dumped by an overhauling Knicks team that had lost enough 10’s of millions on this nit wit. Steph, of course did something very similar to our local club, the Minnesota Timberwolves when he turned down the chance to win, for his own prerogative in the NY/NJ area.

Marbury now a “FREE AGENT!” as he loudly proclaimed on his new channel found here: while dancing to rap music with only his underwear on. As I’m watching in horror as I write this, Marbury would flip off the camera in slurred speech saying he knows us haters are out there,  while clearly intoxicated on who knows what. As Marbury continued to talk nonsense, the big picture becomes more and more clear to me and to the masses, this man knows he’s done. “Its all entertainment man, its all entertainment,” Marbury would add. He sounded like he was about to cry, yet with an antagonizing smile, and naming off people’s screen names that were typing in the chat box.

The endgame for Marbury is as plain as day, this man has become a Mike Tyson clone, tattooed on his head as well as the rest of his body. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not judging anyone who has tattoos, (though they are not my thing) but right now I can only think of two high profile athletes with tattoos on their head: Mike Tyson and Stephon Marbury. Tyson and Marbury were two incredibly talented people at their sport, but bad decisions plagued their career, and their inner insanity took over them later on. Stephon Marbury has gone from co-future of the Timberwolves with Kevin Garnett, to begging for attention on How the mighty have fallen. Its easy to feel bad for “Starbury” clearly the man is hurting inside, but at the same time, so much has been SELF inflicted for so many years. Ah, the word “Self” rings well with this clearly tormented individual, which draws another nickname from Paladino: “Selfbury” why not?


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