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Timberwolves Clear The Air

The Minnesota Timberwolves are a young team that hasn’t been doing much winning this season. Without a doubt, those following the NBA odds are wondering whether or not this might affect the psyche of a team that is still trying to piece together the foundation of the future.



Prior to Sunday, the Timberwolves had lost seven straight and only had 14 wins in their first 60 games this season. So the team decided to have a team meeting to clear the air, figure things out and get back on track.

The meeting seemed to help as the team as they were clearly distraught after a 95-81 home loss to New Orleans on Friday night but were in much better spirits on Sunday.

The Timberwolves had every reason to quit as they found themselves down 13 points in the first half and while they battled back and took a 17-point lead in the second half, they actually nearly blew it and needed a couple of late defensive stops to earn the win.

Forward Michael Beasley said after the win that he was surprised at how good the team chemistry was through the seven-game losing streak as the Timberwolves were not pointing any fingers and they were not using scapegoats. They still hung together, which is why they managed to end the streak on Sunday.

Maybe this will just be a blip on the radar months from now but maybe it is in fact a turning point for a young team. The Timberwolves appear to have bonded over the adversity and maybe that’s just what they need for a strong finish to the 2010-11 campaign.

This Timberwolves team isn’t going to the playoffs; that much is clear. But if they can finish strong, they might be able to springboard themselves to a good start for next year.

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