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Wolves vs. Heat Game Recap

Usually this season after a 4th quarter collapse, I end up cursing at my TV. Tonight however, I reacted differently. I have really tuned down my frustration with this team as of late, I guess thats what winning can do to a fan. All of a sudden a loss like tonight’s does not seem so bad. That was until I checked our record and saw that we now are 11-26. Our little fantasy world of ¬†being undefeated in 2009 is now over and is time to move back into reality where yes, the Timberwolves do lose games.

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I can accept the disappointing outcome in tonight Heat vs Wolves game because there was too many positives to take away. If it weren’t for a few silly turnovers at the end, this team is coasting on a 6 game winning streak into Phoenix. The tempo on offense that was established tonight was very fun to watch. The Wolves¬†displayed excellent ball movement and there was one play in particular where the ball had to have been passed at least 10 times with everyone touching it until Randy Foye hit a 3 pointer. On the Miami side, the Heat were just as entertaining to watch. We got to watch one of the league’s best scorers, Dwayne Wade, work his magic to score a game high 31 points. Tonight in general was an excellent night to watch basketball for the NBA fan. In the end, we even got a close game, unfortunately the ball did not bounce our way.

Remember how Foye was compared to Wade when he was drafted? Well Foye finally lived up to those expectations tonight, truly bring back his nickname ,”4th Quarter Foye” as he scored 14 of his 29 points in the 4th quarter. In the end, the dominant Dwayne Wade and his Heat pulled away, but the continued strong play by the Wolves has to give fans every reason to be happy. We cannot expect this young team to win every game. This streak had to come to and end sooner or later and what better time than right before Phoenix. Why Phoenix, you may ask? Well the only chance I see this Wolves team winning that game is if they come out there pissed and play with emotion. The Wolves have had recent success against the Suns but that was at home. I think this loss can benefit the Wolves in their upcoming game against the Suns and can be used as a motivational factor to hopefully pull out a victory.

Randy Foye looks like DWade…At least just for the night

I can’t be anymore proud for my boy Randy Foye after tonight’s performance. Wait a second, is this the Randy Foye that was averaging like 9 points a game in the first half-a-dozen games this season? Indeed it is folks, same guy, different game. It’s all about confidence and being in the right system for this guy. To use a lame comparison, it was almost like Foye was nagging injury while playing under Randy Wittman, a nagging injury that just could not get any better. Now under McHale, that injury is healed and Foye is putting up star type numbers. In tonight’s game, Foye was brilliant. I know I have said this before in a game but Foye did everything. He hit 3-pointers, mid range shots, and lay-ups. Foye once again showed a very well balanced game that has to have Wolves fans wondering, where has this been the last 2 years?

The Real DWade

WadeI’m watching this game and all I can think to myself is man this guy is good. The way this guy positions his body to draw fouls, the way he takes his first dribble, the way he flies for a dunk, the way he shoots the ball. It’s all simply outstanding. Wade made one play where he stole the ball and then passed the ball up court. Wade vanished for a second from the screen and then all of sudden re-appeared when the player through up a ridiculous alley-opp that looked un-catchable. This one was no problem for D-Wade as he threw it down for an easy Sportscenter Top 10 play. (Pictured to the right)

I think Wade deserves more credit than people are giving him for MVP. He has turned around one of the league’s worst records from last season into a playoff team. Surely his injury and him sitting out had to do with the poor record but still, in the NBA, that big off a swing is hard to do. And who does this guy really have around him? Marion? No, he looks incredibly uncomfortable in that offense. Beasley? Maybe in a few years. D-Wade is doing this all by himself folks and the Miami Heat team are 3 games above .500 in a conference that features the Celtics, Cavs and Magic.

Will the real Mike Miller please stand up?

Where are you Mike? You were brought to this team to do one thing, hit open shots. Maybe there was some confusion, we don’t just want you to take shots, we want you to actually make them! Good lord, was this guy hard to watch tonight. Clank, Clank, Clank and more Clanks. Miller was 1-7 from the field tonight which continued his shooting slump. It’s not like he was missing tough shots either. These are shots he has been hitting his entire career at very high percentages. In the last 6 games, Miller is averaging 5 points and shooting 30% from the field. I cannot believe we are paying him 9 million dollars or whatever to put up those kind of numbers. I dont know what this guys deal is right now. Maybe he is taking a back-seat for the younger guys but I know this is not the real Mike Miller. I’ll say it right now, getting Kevin Love was a great pick up but the addition of Mike Miller as of right now has been a bust. Love has done his part in the deal, Miller has vastly underachieved here in Minnesota. I honestly thought he had the potential to maybe be a 20 point scorer this season but at least around 15 a game. 9 a game Mike? Come on….

Beasley shoots jump shots?

What happened to dominant low post scorer I always saw watching college hoops last season? Tonight Beasley looked more like a shooting guard launching 18 foot jump shots whenever he could. I dont think Beasley is going to be as good as people expected. In fact, I think the top big man in next years draft, Blake Griffin, will be a much better pro than Beasley. Everyone had this guy as a sure 20-10 guy before the draft. Now he looks more like a 20-6 guy in a few years. He cannot rebound and that was evident tonight when Love beat him several times for loose balls. He cannot dominate anymore in the post as he did in college. In fact I think he actually may end up being another Udonis Haslem in terms of his offensive game, a jump shooting big man. A lot more athletic than Haslem, but I don’t ever see Beasley being a low post threat like Al Jefferson.

Rodney Carney=A speeding ticket waiting to happen
If Rodney Carney was driving down the freeway I’m sure he would be going at least east 15 mph over the speed limit. This guy is constantly going at full speed unless he is at the 3-point line. I love what this guy is bringing to us right now in terms of production off the bench, but he needs to slow down a bit. After D-Wade had his Sportscenter play, Carney instantly tried to replicate it over a Heat defender. The outcome? Offensive foul. I can’t really knock the guy for wanting to be a playmaker because other than Randy Foye, Rodney Carney is the reason we have been winning ball games as of late. He is hitting clutch 3-pointers and creating turnovers that usually result in electrifying dunks. I just hope Rodney does not turn into a guy like Rashad McCants on the court and all of sudden thinks he is Lebron James. (Check out the Timberwolves Press Blog for more on that)

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